What happens when you spot a leopard..?

Yes, you read that right. I need not give any introduction..he is one of the more sought after carnivore in the world. But its reveal was quite accidental to me. Even if you are not looking, it is there. Very elusive and shy, he does not like the spotlight.

If you caught one looking at you, he will avert its eyes after one chilling stare at you. Its eyes, cold and deep like the infinite pools which fathom no depth. They shine like the cold limitless pools of infinity..From the bluest of sapphires, to greenest of emeralds, there is no jewel on earth nor any exploding galaxy which can be compared to his. A leopard will not show off like the tiger, nor is lazy as a lion.

Every animal has its own distinguished quality, and I believe a leopard surpasses them. Sly, it is often seen alone…lazing along the walls, atop vast stretches of barren mountains, or hiding among the trees, staying away from everyone.

It does not like to be spotted, and will run away at the instance, leaving you in awe. His journeys are alone..a solitude loving animal. I believe he likes it that way. to endeavour alone.. all the struggles, all the gains are his and his alone.

His eyes captivating, moods interchanging, innocence, passion, a heady focus on its target, and its jaws open, quick to snarl. A Curious and surprised soul, it is soul-shattering. It often indulges in stupid antiques which makes you laugh a lot.

The slender body, swift movements, and a body language which betrays its demeanour is what makes it what it is. His most appealing ability is to adapt to the various changing landscapes, rainforests,arid and barren lands and mountains.
What skill it has to hypnotise those who look at it ? what does it know that you do not ?  What is going through its mind when he is looking with those rotund eyes at you,and in a second your mind is wiped off.

Looking through his eyes in the pitch darkness of the world, he has given me a new perspective at life. I am ever grateful and consider myself to be blessed…someday I would like to know what is that he sees and I do not,yet.

So did I really spot a leopard, or is this all a figment of my imagination ? It is in my head, present and very real.
I part with this, it is easy to spot a leopard, but not easy to see it.





*Next time when I write about leopards, here will be my images, and not borrowed from Google 🙂

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