Stay Hungry Stay Foolish

Today, I feel very restless. And the reason is my own, I was casually scrolling through the random pictures I clicked during the recce to Himachal last november. A stringe of images and I start having pangs of despair. I was literally lusting after them and then I realised something is awry. My mind of course !

The travel bug has caught on to me and now it feels impossible to not dwell on the nagging pangs of the heart and mind in unison. Travel has changed my life in ways I didn’t deem possible, it has made the muddy picture clearer, but the more I walk, the mountain seems far, the more I swim, the well has no floor, the more I see, the world puts forth new colours.

The Game of Throne fans can relate to this, Yigritte the wildling keeps saying an odd phrase to Jon. ‘You know nothing, Jon Snow’. And that is a masterstroke RR Martin pulled one on us.

I am somewhat feeling in sync with her, this journey which has started now lost its brakes. I am fidgeting the whole day, reading and devouring blogs, no matter what and how people write it all carries the singular theme of travel and self discovery.

A thing, place or memory has much power to change you. Travelling enables you to think radically, the possibilities are endless. Blogging, photography, adventure are the ‘ultima cosas’ or ultimate things I have in the wishlist to improve. A few years ago I couldn’t climb my house stairs without huffing and puffing, had no interest in photography and writing was limited to pages and pages of seemingly unending un- constructed thoughts. Id like to say, now this is called radical progress.

To be a bit sheepish , It has stopped being just fun and a hobby for me, and about to be cultivated into a way of looking at things.
I have developed a more serious attitude towards travelling, a way to find the purpose of life. The purpose of my existence, to find new feasible ways to challenge myself and to chanel the thoughts. After all, there is truth in his words – ‘ You know nothing, Jon Snow ‘. More closer home by Rashmi Bhansal -‘Stay Hungry Stay Foolish’. Life motto 🙂

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I see the world with only half the eyes, the other half, I keep to myself.

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  1. Enjoyed your thoughts. I travel to enjoy the amazing beauty and variety of God’s Creation. I have found the way of life, for me, and traveling just adds much to it. We enjoyed our long vacation we just returned from.


    1. Hello Lee ! thank you so much for reading and for a positive feedback. I agree, travelling gives a new outlook towards life, we start to see the real beauty around us. Would love to hear about your travel stories 🙂 !!

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      1. Just keep reading my blog. I’ve been cleaning, culling, and getting my photos ready. Will start telling about the vacation very soon.


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