– The Power of Choice –

Blue or green ? Full or sleeveless ?
Today is Friday. Usually it is uniform day in the office but as a regular offender of forgetting things at odd places, I am successful in loosing the shirt… to be added to the pile of forever lost things.
I close my eyes and stretch out to grab something, all the while frantically wishing for the perfect outfit to magically appear from the pile of crumpled up clothes.

I must admit I am the least organised person when it comes to managing my closet. The pile of distorted t-shirts and kurtas overwhelm me in situations where I am chasing time and really need something good to wear. Guilty of adding more and more clothes to the overgrowing dump, as my baba makes it his duty to point it out, I end up with nothing to wear.

But wait, you know what we do. We pull out random clothes, hold them up, double check in the mirror, iron them if crumpled. Contemplating what would suit me today or the occasion. We try numerous clothes, as much as we have stashed and at times our grasp reaches our mother’s, sister’s or friends closet. Unless we give it a nice long look for a good amount of time ( Mine is usually 15 mins, can vary from person to person ) we do not come to a decision. Does it look good ? Am I looking fat? Urgh why does it have to shrink here that way? Omg I have to attend a high-profile function, this salwar is making me look like a cartoon. Sheesh.

More than often we spend too much time thinking about how others will perceive us. Dressing to the occasion, subtle and elegant is a tedious art to master. Because it is often difficult to dress simple for the lack of sense or for having too much liking for fashion. Not necessary that the clothes have to be from Fab India or Global Desi, but a simple dress from a decent store would suffice most of the times. The idea is not to be over dressed to the t. Over dressing aggravates the anxiety and we resort to checking ourselves constantly in every metal surface we bump into. It is much more hassle free if we identify and stick to our style, simple and elegant or flashy and loud.Whichever one is comfortable with.
Choosing what defines us the best is where most of us, including me yank out my hair.

The choice of what to wear where, puzzles a woman eternally. 😛

I often did underestimate the power of choice, undermining it to be an act which comes naturally.
While craving for a specific Ice cream, the choice is already made in the mind. The execution act is easy most of the times if the Ice-cream shop is located in the vicinity. But if the agenda is only to go and have an ice-cream, you are forced to choose the most apt one to the craving. Chocolate, watermelon, tender coconut ? I want all. Why don’t they have a tri-flavor ?

When you have to make a simple decision to choose the most apt flavor which caters to cravings at that moment, the responsibility of finishing the chosen flavor without complaints is a relatively small weight to carry. It does not stick out of your mind even after the taste is gone.

But when it is choosing the most apt career choice, getting married, or sticking to a job the responsibility that comes with making the choice is huge. It cannot be fathomed in 15 mins, a day or even a month. Is it a gamble ? Can we do calculated risks ? What about the un – calculated ones ? Can we build courage in unforeseen situations ?

We get stuck when it comes to making a big decision. We are unaware of all the facts and faucets. We panic and stress out and get anxious when faced with an unknown adversary. It is more to do with the self doubt of being capable of living up to the responsibility of the choice than anything else. We fear not for us, but what will the society say ( If you aren’t guilty of this then I adore you ).
Stepping out of the comfort zone, the known sounds risky.
Challenging and fun. But scary too, remember ?

Underestimating the power of choice is a mistake. The choice helps to define the way, how to build the way is where the actual scary work starts !

We are afraid of choosing the choice we already made in the mind a long ago…

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