Infinite Memories, Infinite travels….

I have been a part of Infinite Journeys and Foliage Outdoors for the past 2 years, and it has certainly been a roller coaster ride.. for a newbie. I took the plunge – in the travel industry with no background or knowledge of the dynamics of it. The essential which constructs the whole and soul in the travel agent’s JD – sales, management and the planning part along with sound experience of travelling were alien to me.

But slowly and steadily, I adapted adjusted and learned to thrive in an entirely new environment, my colleagues and directors contributed immensely in the adjusting and learning part. From being a newbie to now on the path of handing domestic offbeat tours and some international tours, I can say although the transition was not smooth, but a memorable one.

Completely devoid of any prior travel experience, I got not 1 but 4 chances to travel in a short span of 1 year. The hotels and places I visited are etched in my mind, with right down to the trees, the feel of the hotel and the warm comfort food.
I was and still am blown away by the simplicity and generosity of Uttarakhand.

We visited hotels which were located in the most scenic spots giving the guests an unperturbed view of nature. The moment I saw himalayn views from the bathroom at Sojha, I feel in love with it. Such a delight to view the snow-clad mountains from the bathroom ! πŸ˜€
The room we stayed at Binsar had the most wondrous view. Lazing on the bed, with a comfy duvet wrapped around and a stoking bukhari to keep us warm, we treated our eyes to a direct view of the Nanda Ghunti peak dead opposite us.

From the snow-clad peaks to hot humid deserts of Jaisalmer, it was one memorable year. The highlight of the trip was the impromptu visit to Jailsamer BSF ( Border Security Force ) The sight of soldiers braving the scorching sun and manning our borders certainly put us in a position of pride and gratitude.

From the vast uninhabited deserts, where we were treated to delicious rajasthani local food and fresh raw milk, to the cold banks of Alaknanda river in Jayalgadh, Uttarakhand where we savored pipping hot food…and oh how can I forget the rustic taste of Makke di roti sarson da saag at Ambala, Chandigadh ? I am drooling over the pictures again. Whenever I am craving for deserts, I dream about the ‘ Sevaiya Kheer at Jageshwar or the Sakley’s pastries at Nainital ‘ Soft gooey, rich creamy and fresh off the oven.

The sight of food, the smell of fresh air and the feel of an adventure is a fuel, not less than any drug. While we all crave for adventure once-in-a-while, there are some of us who are ever ready to try something new, to experience something out of the comfort zone, which is not a part of any bucket list because sometimes they are mundane things like observing people of different areas, or trying the ‘roti sabzi’ 0f a xzy area. The waft of a new – a thing/experience/feeling previously not experienced/encountered before, something anything which contributes to the growth of the body, mind and maybe soul is a necessity more than a luxury.

Observations not part of the daily life or routine did far more good to me than anything else during the travels. When your senses are susceptible to various tastes, smells, sights and sensations, you grow bit by bit in all the dimensions. I became more acclimatized to different climates, exposed to tangy,tasty,pungent and sour varieties of the same dishes we consume in our home town.

Most important realization… is that the world you think exists is only in your head, probably.

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I see the world with only half the eyes, the other half, I keep to myself.

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