Broken Friendships ; No respite


Unexpected curve balls.  So many experiences. Many expected, some like a bolt from the blue.

Some leave you confused,  others make you wonder what the hell just happened?

The usual cliches. Friends break your heart.  You break your friends heart.  You extend a hand,  you refuse some.

A close confidant suddenly becomes invisible.  Visible alright,  but somehow you are unable to feel the person.

A harsh retort,  a small word which shows their lack of trust and a cold shoulder. You break into thousands of pieces inside,  frantically trying to put it all together.  It ends up with you bleeding the heart out.

You are confused;  hurt ; numb and in disbelief. What the fuck did just happen? How the hell this turned so ugly. A single word did it. Their single gesture did it.  Maybe you acted indifferent so they went away.  Taking each other for granted has to stop,  hasn’t it ?

Don’t go.  Please?

The pain is suffocating. The anxiety is palpable.  Who are they and what have they done to my friend?  I want to destroy the demons.  Stop it.  Don’t make them get away from me.

The numbness grows.  The river of love suddenly feels dried up from the Inside. You feel dry.  Lack luster.  Zombie like.  Dams are built on the river,  Ones you cannot knock down.

This is the way, you suppose.  How it works. How is life meant to work.  You cannot have the roses without the Thorns. They prick and sting,  until you learn to just enjoy the flower on the tree.  From afar. Admiring the beauty.

Don’t go.  Please come back.

Not for me.  But don’t you own it to yourself to be happy?  Us kind of happy.


To all the broken friendships over time… This is dedicated to YOU.  Regardless.  I owe It. 🙂


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