Books..cafes…Some more cafes please !

Books, cafes and the charm…

To put it bluntly,  I was quite disappointed at the apparent lack of book cafes and the whole reading culture in a growing hub like pune. Known for its reader class,  and quite a large number of libraries, blossoming of book cafes should have been quite natural,  or so I did think, a dismal thought.

Probably the lack of space in prime areas along with the skyrocketing real estate did it.  A phenomenon stopped from birth, literally. What use, kya fayda to muse , really ?Saddened and distraught by the dearth of good places to chill and relax,  It sort of lead to cutting down on the reading time. No,  a home cannot be substitute for an awesome place like a book cafe, ergo.

Well, my fried nerves were put to rest recently.  By a stroke of luck!  In the small by-lane next to my office out sprung a cozy book cafe.  I was delighted, nay,  flustered ; reunion of a lover after a long drought to be precise.  Or something like that sorts took place in my head and I cried out in happiness.  Waari book cafe, undoubtedly satiates every book lovers fantasy. The place is huge and gives the illusion of a array of colors and hues which welcome you warmly. A large sitting place centers the floor with a few casually thrown pillows and study tables. The colorful patterned pillows and bold colors with a light woven mat make the space inviting and the first thing to catch your eye as you enter. The whole place is illuminated with strategically placed racks of books,  from mythology to history, psychology,  fiction, non fiction and what not. Wooden lamps and sofas give a soft vibe to go with the stark white floor.  There is an outside space,  most of it empty albeit with a few chairs and tables for the more technologically inclined to put their laptops on.  While not exactly minimalist,  this place certainly has a warm nearly yet casual vibe to it.  It also has a small in-house kitchen unit where the menu is limited,  yet you get yummy hot chocolate and soup served with bread.  Quite a combination eh?  You really don’t need much when you are engrossed reading a battle description or a Pulp Fiction book. The food sort of just goes with the whole ambiance.


An ideal place for couples to spend some quiet and relaxing time together or even for a impromptu gathering for a small group of friends. But for me this serves as a haven,  a place to unwind and relax at the end of a chaotic day, where I am just me,  lost in my thoughts and trying to find solace.

We need more of this please. Otherwise the next generation would loose out on the charm. With technology already replacing the physical books,  we need something to bring it back in fashion.  After all it is not just Reading books,  it’s an experience in itself. The experience of belonging somewhere.

As I get back to reading my Harry Potter and the cursed child, a waft of chocolate coffee and the earthy book aroma dances in the air. . . . To be etched in memory.



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