New Leaf

Its that time of my life.

When you know, just know that you have to leave it all behind.

The anguish, the self inflicted mental pain, the insecurities, the depression.

Gnawing you for the past 25 years, its time to turn over a new leaf, time to turn the page and embark upon a new journey.

After all, what is life other than a culmination of experiences ?7567b41dba3248ffa40aab098f6bcda8

Goodbye old world…

Goodbye negative vibes…

Goodbye judgmental people…

Goodbye unnecessary pressures and Hello to productive ones.

Its time to move away from other’s preconceptions of life and create my own.

To burn some bridges because they simply do not lead you to growth.

Its time to embark upon a self-realizing and introspection journey.

Its that time of your life.





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