Resolutions for life …

Hmm…well after yesterday’s proclamation of moving on and changing and blah la la, I thought I should actually make efforts and not to procrastinate anymore. Or well at least try too. There are a few things on my agenda, honestly I do not yet know how many of it I would be able to fulfill. But yes declaring them openly might trick my head and heart to submit. There are a few I can think of…

Regular exercise.
Well this one is one of the most hardest because I am not a routine person
and I leave it halfway only to re-appear months later with a bit of shame 😀
I really hate getting up early in the winters.
I mean, why to subject yourself to the harsh cold instead of snuggling and hazy dreaming ? I would probably, no 100% get yelled at for this later. 😀
This will be a forever WIP…

Eat healthy food and reduce junk food.
I am being too much hard on myself, aren’t I ?Now you would argue there is not much sacrifice involved.
But for a foodie like me, this is a death sentence.

c5917810f02dd0978c4d4eb1619619db813a23f5640ddb3cb57ec804aaa5c6f2_largeStill, the current aim is to avoid puffing up like a buffoon and try to incorporate more leafy healthy stuff.


Make junk food into healthy food.
Who said I cannot replace sugar with healthy substitutes ? 😀
I made some healthy sugarless cookies and I can tell they are a hit with my family already. Mmmm.
I still don’t know how to make a delectable chocolate cake into a healthy delectable one. But ill find out soooon !


Spend more time with the family.
This one’s pretty easy right ?
My sister is getting married, yes ^_^ ( I get to be the oh so prestigious karavli ) So I figured I need to partake in activities and household chores. Yes I can do the dishes and sweep the floor and wash the clothes impeccably. No I am not available as a maid even if you pay me 😉
I have it in mind to steadily whip out a different dish now and then.

Pretty much sums it up.

Spend less time with those who bring you down or who cannot stop being an ass.
This one is *the hardest* in spite of being a no-brainer. I have realized over a period of bad experiences that I do not forgive people easily even when they do not deserve it. Somehow for the life of me I tend to overlook the bad and I am normal again. But when someone pointed this out, I took time to contemplate how to approach similar situations. Any hint of negativity and I am out folks. No room for stupid gossip either. I don’t have time to catch over coffee over your 100th boyfriend break up or how your life sucks because your crush didn’t notice you. I am way past that stage and I can introduce you to my little sister who drools over high school musical. Maybe you both can hit it off !

I used to avoid fights earlier and my stand remains the same. I really do not like the idea of fighting and proving my point to someone who does not want to leave the differences aside. People like that are vampires, they drain all plausible points out of the argument and make you weak emotionally. I really couldn’t care less and here is a happy goodbye to them.

Well this seems a pretty solid list. Not to mention daunting too. Id wake up one day and find myself wrapped in a comforter watching some Jap anime, forgetting all about this. But you’ll remind me, wont you ? Whats your pseudo list for the next year ? 😀


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