Moving on !!!

Mmmmm. A long breath. I try to settle in my chair and concentrate on the tasks for the day. I am not particularity fidgety today, nor am I still. My breath is irregular and calm at the same time. I hear the familiar sounds of people around me, work colleagues, the phone ringing or the watchman shouting below. I take another deep breath and look around. The familiar faces who were a major part of my life, I spent close to 9-10 hours on an average here for the past 54 months. Not to mention the annual outings where everyone used to let down their guard and party like crazy. The everyday constant ringing phone calls and in summers we had so many people walk in, there used to be no spare chairs. Of all the trips I went along, the interaction with the drivers and hotel owners and countless suppliers. Of all the possible crazy itineraries we used to work out and the discovery of new offbeat hotels used to make me happy that Id instantly day dream about staying at each favorite place I discovered. Ill miss this for sure. The joy of receiving positive feedback from a client is so euphoric ! It feels so good to have your hard work acknowledged. Ill miss this too. I can say I did deal with almost all type of clients. So much variety, no two enquiry was ever the same. All in all..a pretty solid experience. I ventured out of my comfort zone everyday due to
the nature of my job. These years went past in a whoooosh.

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“You never really leave a place or person you love, part of them you take with you ,leaving a part of yourself behind.” – Unknown

Me right now :



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