Vella-ness and us.

There is something special in travelling impromptu don’t need too much planning or detailing to make the magic work.Curiously enough,  like minded eggheads come together and lo!  Off we go on an adventure. It’s much satisfying to be in the company where there are no judgements dished across of any kind.  Well except if you are gay,  they might take the Mickey out of you. Other than that?  Harmless.

Its also annoying to get weird stares and unwarranted suggestions on how I should change my appearance- I think those who know me have just given up, I’d say good for them!

But on the other hand some make you feel comfortable in whatever clothing you show up. It feels good. Like Gooood.  That’s what weaves the magic of friendship right?  Other than that there are no pretenses on how intellectual you are or how much you earn ( Even jobless people have a spot here 😉) Nobody disappoints to come up with the dumbest statement they dare to make. Sometimes they break their own record. Can’t really say what, but there is some soul satisfying emotion attached, apparently.

The stupidities are laughed upon, the food bill is ridiculously low even after hogging like bakasura. And life is generally good. We talk endlessly about the same ‘ghise pite’ topics revolving around shit,chicks, money (no brainer this one) time space dimensions, hypothetical grandiose ideas involving lots of money and the occasional pun on the current scene of how-old-iam-and-how-the-hell-i-can-i-score-more-dates. Yes, this one can never gets boring.


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