Cooookiee dough!  Who I mean who doesn’t like that?  The yummy tantalizing waft of heavenly mix – eggs, flour and vanilla with I don’t know how it works out itself and produces a super delicious batter.  This week I tried to bake chocolate chip cookies and man to tell the truth, I was more tempted to finish the batter rather than wait for the cookies 😀 Everyone is guilty of this!

Anyways I had this in mind since years. I got so drunk on the taste from the start, the whole process is satisfying and by the end of the finished product, I really didnt feel like eating them. Not that I didn’t.  Ofcourse I finished all of them Hahaha.  I guess this happens with everyone who bakes.  The taste is ingrained in the brain and eating it doesn’t really get registered as any different. Anyways they turned out to be soft and cakey, I added a little milk just so.

.  img_20161121_142433

I do know that I am nowhere close to those pro bakes but I am not giving up ! All I know is my family and friends are kind enough to eat them as it is and one day their patience will be rewarded 😝😊

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I see the world with only half the eyes, the other half, I keep to myself.

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