The period PMSing paradox

PMSing is a real thing guys ! Now you would say why write a blog post on this, but I feel this reaaally ought to be shared since there are a lot of misconceptions when it comes to a woman’s normal mood swings and a woman’s PMSing mood swings ( Heh, yep there are 2 types )

Imag courtesy : Sarah’s Scribbles and Bored Panda

Everyone knows what and how the function of a period is and that it makes a grand entry every month. Every woman/girl goes through her own set of weird behaviors during these 4-5 days. Some have it for a week! No kidding- and the lucky one’s ( like me 😀 ) it gets over in 2-3 days well before I know it. But the before is what is theeeee worst part. I mean I’d like to think that I know my body but it just acts of its own accord and what I am feeling is really violent and a major disinterest in everything. Told ya everyone has their own weird stuff ! 

Image courtesy : Sarah’s Scribbles and Bored Panda


Now thanks to technological advancement, we can put reminders in the mobile calendar or install apps that warn you about the coming bloodshed  ( Yep that’s what it is ) because I have a hard time remembering small normal everyday stuff and hence I always, ALWAYS used to forget my date. Then the dismal feeling of not having a pad around or jolting up in the middle of the night to feel really sticky. Yeeesh. I am very casual about this, my sister used to scold me always. How can you not remember your date ? I was like, hellooo? It isn’t my birthday or some national event happening. More like I don’t really pay attention or fret over it that much. Is this a viable enough excuse to forget it ? 😀

Image courtesy : Sarah’s Scribbles and Bored Panda

How can I forget the most important part ? The weird funny achy feeling in the stomach. Mine feels so hollow that I forget I ate an hour ago. I never used to know if I am hungry or it is just paining. Then you get all sorts of cravings. Nutella, chocolate, fried junk food and ice-cream tops the list of every girl ! Aaahh. Energy really drains so fast.

Why can’t boys have periods ? :/ Damn. Then they would know how it feels to have something prick and prod you from the insides. Horrible. Nightmare.
I stumbled on Sarah’s Scribbles about periods and they are hilarious and too perfect !
You do start feeling every emotion you are capable of – even the ones you cannot describe.
Anxiety before periods and more anxiety if they are late. You start imagining all sorts of weird things even if they get delayed by a day.  Demanding attention, or just a leave me alone in my bed with a 12 hour Netflix stream and a big tub of popcorn. Hehehe. Its so comical and real at the same time. So if any boy is reading this, please be kind. Don’t just brush it off saying my girlfriend/wife is crazy else you’ll be sleeping on the sofa for the rest of the month ! and could be ‘accidentally’ subjected to isolation, anger, emotional blackmailing and a host of unreasonable demands 😀 !!

You can check out the full link to images here.




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