Shahid Kapoor – Can we all stop being judgmental arseholes?

Rant Sunday :

Well recently after Koffee with Karan aired on where the lovely Shahid and Mira Kapoor were guests, the internet was stormed by shitty news which flooded my wall with incessant and unwarranted trivia and banter about the past love life of Shahid Kapoor. It was alright rather bearable till then when ubiquitous articles appeared about how ‘ Shahid is a bad person and I wouldn’t want my son to be like him’ or how his chauvinistic behavior has irked people more than Mira. She lives with him folks, c’mon ! shouldn’t you be bothered about your own partner ? The hell. I do not condemn free speech and do support the notion of people having different ideas and view points but it should not mean you have the right to dissect a person’s personal life and then bash him on social media because he is living his life without your sacred opinion haters !
What he did in the past, how many actresses who became famous when he left them clearly shows only one thing –  that he had his chances but it didn’t work out. How does dating make him a serial dater or rather a person less worthy of respect ? Well maybe he liked seeing his options before ‘choosing’ his one. I don’t see why the rest of us should be bothered about other’s lives than our own. Guess joblessness is a real job these days !
Articles like these are showing us the degrading human mentality where we the people who make these stars famous wouldn’t blink and eye to bring them down. Dissection of their private life is not cool ! Work for the FBI if you are so fond of that.
See what he did before he married Mira is his personal choice. Was he a male chauvinist who didn’t want a more successful wife than him, or he might be simply trying to find with someone who was normal and a non-filmy background. It is the society who puts this immense psychological pressure which hammers that women and men need to have a so and so age gap, or both must be working and earning, or the man cannot tolerate his wife earning more than him, or Mira is just an opportunist. It is like a chaos, the society cannot decide who is right and who is wrong, they just dish out unwanted opinions like its their right. If you cannot say good about someone, its better not to speak at all. We really have no idea what someone is going through, on what grounds someone decides to do a particular thing or even refuses. I believe that if someone’s choice doesn’t personally cause you any damage or harm, you shouldn’t give a rat’s ass about it and mind your own shit instead !!


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