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~ Coffee ~

“I’d  rather  take  coffee  than  compliments  just  now.”
― Louisa May Alcott, Little Women

Let’s cut the crap and start by me professing my new-found love.
I confess I was not much of a coffee lover, even though living in Pune with its famous coffee concoctions. Not even Vaishali’s strong one could sway me of my resolve to crinkle my nose up in apprehension, I will blatantly refuse it 😀

Most of my childhood Sundays were spent in my grandfather’s lap, sitting on the same table at Roopali with his steaming cup of filter coffee. I could say that I liked the coffee there only because it was with him.  While he be chatting away with his group I would stealthily grab his coffee and finish it before he could realise it.  He was a coffee lover and further rounds of it would relieve me of guilt of having to steal his.


I traveled to Jabalpur twice in this fortnight due to work reasons and as a part of the travel itinerary a mandatory stop at Indian Coffee House was scheduled.  The way everyone who had visited it raved about the coffee and food got me very curious to see what made it so special.  Indian coffee house is a restaurant chain in India run by series of worker co-operative societies. The structure is a big building with high ceilings and festive lamps with minimal decor. You can easily tell the building is from british era. I guess the est year is in the 80’s, I missed out on the year.


“Come on, don’t you ever stop and smell the coffee?” 
― Justina Chen, North of Beautiful

The smell of freshly ground coffee..ahh. It had me transfixed. On my first visit to Indian Coffee house I had their famous hot coffee with their equally worth mentioning sada dosa. The dosa was soft and crisp at the same time and you could tell the batter was the secret.  Melt – in – the – mouth. The coffee was soo good that I wished I had cold coffee instead of hot one as the temperature outside was soaring in the 40’s.  I would have been dejected if not for another opportunity which came 5 days ago to visit the same place in the itinerary.

This ! Delirious !

The coffee is just right ; neither too strong nor too sweet. Topped with vanilla ice-cream it beats even Starbucks 😉 No Kidding. The other famous thing they had to offer was the bread butter – I can still feel the crisp deliciousness with a salty layer of butter. I would be lying If I said this was the softest toast I have had till now. I tried the bread dipping it in the coffee and it tasted exactly like I imagined it to be.  Sooo much better than french fries with ice-cream. You all of you have to try this. I insist you visit this place if you ever get a chance to be in Jabalpur. They have a few branches across India, but I do not know about the rest of them.

To take this memory back home, I even bought a pack of their coffee so that whenever I miss the place I can just whip one. Priced modestly, the pack is just enough to last a couple of months.


In short, you have now witnessed my profound fixation love for this place and the coffee so please heed my advice and try it out. Silently thank me  for it 😀

Lastly, I got an opportunity to know and visit this place due to Infinite Journeys Foliage Outdoors without which I would not have found this new coffee bliss !

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