Intuition – Don’t Ignore it

We often make this mistake.

Of not trusting our intuition. It’s the feeling where you sense something gnawing inside you, inside your head.

Most of the times, you sense it, but due to the fear of what other people will say, you tend to ignore it.Of what your family will say, you shove it under the rug.

But it’s always there. The vague hollow sense that something is not going on right. Maybe your approach towards something is not right. Or that decision you took,your body is rejecting you.

Look inside you. Analyze what you are feeling. Is your body relaxed when you have taken a decision ? Do you feel tense ? Upset ? Fatigued ? Burdened ? This is your body’s way of letting you know it is rebelling. Listen to it.

If you concentrate enough, you will always feel that vague feeling, and that is your instinct telling you if it is right or wrong. Listen to it. It will always make you aware of the danger you are getting into.

I am very passionate about travelling, exploring and being exposed to new culture, people and foods. I am curious about all things related to the above. If I am forced to do something, then all of my system rebels because that is not what I am.

A sense of urgency creeps in, when you rebel against yourself and do the complete opposite. You have to accept your own reality. Then perhaps after that you can see what steps to take to change that. But if you are not aware, of what it is you are going through, what recurring thoughts you are having, then you will keep on attracting similar situations which will again cause your self to rebel against that.

I did it too. Not one,many a times. Kept on attracting wrong situations and people in my life BECAUSE I was not conscious with my thought process. My intuition kept nagging me, and instead of listening to it, I turned a blind eye. Many times I knew what I was getting into was wrong, but for some or the other reason I justified to myself that what I was doing was right.

Pay attention to your thoughts. It’s where the things start manifesting. This has worked with me before, wherein sometime this month I started analyzing myself. Surprisingly and very much agonizing, I traced the results back to the origin of my thought.

I had wished and wanted several things in the past year, some of them unconsciously, without fully realizing the consequences.

And they happened. Good or bad, that I would not say. But they happened. That is what I learnt here.

Guard your thoughts, be conscious about what you wish for. Until now, I did not realise the power this statement carried. But now, I can well say from experience.

If you are not confident of what it is that you want, simply wait. But do not wish for something which you do not want. Because it will come true, and its a real mess to deal with.

Sometime in 2012, I had posted a poem on Facebook. But now I am probably getting the hang of how the whole thing works !

* Wish & Want, Can & Can’t – A Mystification * 

|What you wish for isn’t always what you want   

Ever cared to take the reverse path?

What is one man’s poison is another’s bread,   

Could it be the desires overpowering your senses ?


Care a damn , Give a hoot

Brace your mind, Travel back in time   

Spare a thought, Go to the root    

Ever introspected what you hold to be true?


It’s the dark recesses ; its your mind 

The scorching flame lashing out its tongue ,   

Yearning to be unleashed 

Forever growing , Never diminishing   

Like the tempestous storm   

Fast approaching , Never curbing.


Lust , Greed , Gluttony man never escaped ;    

Desire is the root cause of evil, it is said

Never fully quenched , Ever the throat parched   

Are we all fascimile Vampires or the Incarnate Devil?


Dreams, Ambitions, The uncharted waters

Push you out , Detaching you from you

To be at the apex , Thats what you envision

To climb the ladder of success untill there is no end.

You’re going up sure ; but any idea where?

Is it at the top of a moutain or the bottom of the stairs?

Swimming and swimming under the water you go, so why can’t you still see the floor?


You wish to be cinderella,

But don’t want the cinders

All you want is your plate full , without even caring to raise a finger. 

Displaying your prowess, Acting like a tigress

Craving so much for attention? Why don’t you go stand in the museum? 


The truth is always harsh, Often bitter

We are but an insignificant speck

Still its always I , ME , MYSELF.


It is such a disease from which man has no escape,

We are not saints to renounce the world,

Just mere mortals trying to keep up in this never ending race.


Sometimes committing blasphemy ,

In the name of Goodwill

Does this define us who we really are ;

Or its just the physical submission to the mental will ? 


Desires are many, But the needs are few

You want to reach out to HIM ;

Why can’t you see its all inside YOU ?


What is it that you Wish for , What is it that you want ?

Guardian Angels watching over your head , or 

Being the masters of your own fate ?


Often it is said , That man is just a slave

To his thoughts , To his words

They influence his ways

They turn him into a ragged puppet , rarely he finds himself stringless.


The Die is cast , The cards are stacked

The stars are watched , The lines are set

Before you are the paths to tread ; 

What will it be ,

A peaceful Life or a Turbulent Death ;

A Turbulent Life or a Peaceful Death ?

The choice is hard , Be careful what you wish for ,

For it is only yours and yours to make. 



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