Lipstick? Check. Liner? Check.

I always find myself hiding a part of me under the makeup, away from everyone. And you should do that.

I’ve been someone who had her heart on her sleeve, face always reflecting the inside emotions.
Never could master the poker face.

My close friends know how crazy and unpredictable I am.
But they also know, need to know that I will fight the world for them.
No matter who says what, I’ll stand by.

My family knows how unpredictable I am. How confused I am.
But they also know once I set my mind to something, no one can convince me out of it.

I piss off my father many times. He is right almost all of the times.

He has his faults but for me he has been the best person.
He knows me,in and out.

My flaws, strengths and my behavioral pattern.
He knows what ticks me, what pisses me off and what motivates me.

Where I need to grow, where I need to let go, what I need to focus on. Yes he’s my guiding light.
We have had our fights and tears many times, but he has always been there besides me. Stern,critical, sharp but always there.

Someone who I can look up to, as my father, as a leader, as a businessman. 

This is not a post for that, but to reflect back upon myself..
Your family becomes the hero for you most of the times, but sometimes, you have to be your own hero.

You have to get up, get dressed, change your attitude,change your approach, take criticism, take honest criticism about yourself, accept that you need to change, and fight. 

Published by shrutimirasdar

I see the world with only half the eyes, the other half, I keep to myself.

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  1. Well I’m no one to guide anyone in his/her personal life.
    But, I have been at the same place as you are now 5 years back so couldn’t resist advising.
    And the only thing which i believe is that the person should have desire to improve. (only requirement)
    Read a life less ordinary and duty(not forcing or promoting)
    Hope it helps.


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