I chose

I am sick and tired of hearing how I made the wrong choices.
Who is anyone to say what is right or wrong, good or bad? Can you tell? Can anyone? Yes sometimes people chose out of emotion. Out of desperation. Out of fear. Out of lonliness. Out of just being forced to pick one. They chose. We chose. I chose.
I chose to love people. Many people over a period of time. I chose to believe that when you say something, it will be true. I chose to leave my job. I chose to change my career.I chose to stick to the career change. I chose to go through the heartbreak. I chose to ask questions to anyone who imposed their opinions on me. I chose.Everytime.
I never ran away from the consequences. It might be that I was not aware of it, but still Whatever came,I had that mindset to face it. I will make stupid decisions. I will face many consequences. But don’t try to make my choice for me.
Dont take that away from me by putting fear in my mind about my choices. I chose to keep that right.


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