Today morning, I heard my father talking to a friend. Apparently, someone had passed away in a tragic accident two days ago.
When I enquired, I was shocked. It was someone I knew from years ago.. We had a brief interaction when we were teenagers.
He had gone to drop his friend somewhere late at night,and had dashed against the divider.
I couldn’t believe it was really him.
He was a very hardworking,deligent employee and someone who took responsibilities head on.
We hadn’t been in contact, but still this shook me up.
We can’t really say what will happen to whom..can we?
Even in the city, we cannot evade death.
This made me think.
We all keep idealising the romantic notion of forever. Forever together,forever young, forever blah.
But we don’t.
There is no forever together.
There is no guarantee you will survive today and get up tomorrow.
This breath of ours which we waste so much on fighting, cribbing, complaining,comparing,might be our last.
This got me thinking.
If this is how it is, why can’t we loosen our hold on our grudges a bit?

Why can’t we give up chasing things which hold no value?

Why can’t we realise that probably today might be all we have?

Why can’t we make peace with our demons, that things will NOT go our way, and I’ll be okay?

Why can’t we accept that we might not get every thing we want, we might not turn our as per our parents expectations, our relationships might not work out in the first go.

When can we stop having unrealistic expectations from the people around us?

When we will start accepting people for who they are, not what you want them to be?

When can we stop playing games with other people’s feelings?

When can we stop pretending we are okay even when we are not?

Why can’t we just live and let people live, without mounting expectations on them, and living a life full of disappointment..

I don’t know.
Maybe I am stressing over too much pending homework I have to submit.

Published by shrutimirasdar

I see the world with only half the eyes, the other half, I keep to myself.

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