During a period of lesson observations,we found ourselves sitting in a class of 7th std..
I was sorely reminded of my school days today and I just went back in time.

With those uncomfortable steel/wooden benches, It made sitting there very nostalgic, but all the same annoying. I never liked the steel benches, the back hurts so much!
I saw some chits beneath the desk of the girl sitting ahead, and it all flashed in front of my eyes again..

Those random chits we used to pass with some xyz secret messages to our friends..

Those stolen glances with our best friend when something funny happened..

Those Iam-bored looks you gave each other when the teacher is teaching a boring topic in a very boring way πŸ˜‰..

The dedicated lunch hour spots where you sit down cross-legged on the dirty floor, all the while peeking curiously in the other’s tiffin!

The mad rush down to the canteen, where I swear we used to get the best pav-bhaji for 5rs. Ever imagined the tantalizing waft of steaming pav-bhaji on a hungry stomach on a chilly Saturday morning!?

The checking of timetable time and again to locate the PT period..

The beaming feeling when your favourite teacher says hi to you outside the school. Achievement πŸ˜‰

The silent sniggering when someone gets a sound scolding and the jubilance of being made to stand outside as a punishment !
Man I miss detentions😁

The seemingly random visits to the washroom just to see past the other class or to chill out a few minutes to make your other friends jealous..

The sudden craze of slam books and boasting how many teachers filled in yours..

The hogging of all seasonal delicacies,from peru to chincha, kairi and kabuli chana..

To marking one day in a month as ‘party day’,dedicated to panipuris and bhels..

To sleeping in class and rushing home to call your friend on the landline the minute you arrive..

The fanfare of rickshawala kakas and which kaka is better than who.. To whose crush is sharing who’s rickshaw and to the pompous showing off..

The tiring yet fun cycle rides back home..

To the frustration exasperation of studying for an exam only to find the strictest teacher as your supervisor!

The lunch break chitchat with kamwalya maushis which used to make their day! I remember you sumati mavshi and manda mavshi!

To singing the school anthem like our life depended on it!

The uncool school picnis,because who goes to Hyderabad?
But,goa and alibaug !

The farewell at the end, with huge dreams twinkling in the eyes..

The innocence of childhood and the nervousness of adolescence..

To the silent goodbyes and a promise to return tomorrow..

Those days,
School days πŸ™‚

Published by shrutimirasdar

I see the world with only half the eyes, the other half, I keep to myself.

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