First day at School…

So..I got back to being a first grader.


Big day for me, as I was more nervous than the children..

After a big leap of faith, leaving a company that I loved dearly, I took a plunge into cold waters and now I am learning to swim.

Gosh being a Teacher is NOT easy.
Only first day in, and I learnt so much already..

1. How to unlearn all that you’ve learnt about human behavior.
2. New found respect for my Primary Teachers…kudos to them, handling bratty yelling small children who are always hungry confused or sleepy !

3. You can pee 50 times in 5 hours. And yes, its like a pee syndrome. One goes, other follows.

4. No matter you ate 5 mins ago, you are always hungry. And also want to go home.
5. You can cry because you miss mom, but once the PT period comes, everything is forgotten.

6. You ‘accidentally’ drop your tiffin. 10 times while eating. And make puppy eyes. πŸ˜›

7. Fearlessness. These children are really carefree and fearless damn it ! They jump, run, anything and everything.

8. Ask for permission EVERY TIME when going to pee or to wash hands or to drink water. EVER student EVERY time. Imagine much ?

First graders sure are a mix of angels and devils !! πŸ™‚


They are cute and veryyyyyy naughty at the same time. And being the first day today, I let them have all theΒ fun. Psst…we also managed to play and soil ourselves in the ground, spread muck and mud all over the classroom and the school. Guess who got reprimanded for that ? πŸ˜›

But I got reassured on hearing that its a lot difficult once you actually make attempts to teach them… πŸ˜€

No job is easy. No job is boo yeah. Its just a matter of not giving up.
Its a challenge which has multiple faucets and the nature changes every 10 mins for every child. Crisis management, time management classes, anyone ??

This is just the beginning and I am very scared.
Because there are 40 eyes staring at you, pinning their hopes and expectations on me.
When away from home, you are their parent for 5 hours, digest it or not.

I just hope I have my normal voice intact by end of the week…;)


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I see the world with only half the eyes, the other half, I keep to myself.

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