What is comfort zone really?

A soft fluffy rugged pillow.

The same side of bed you get up from.

The mangy old sweater you put up during every winter.


These are materialistically curated comfort zones.

What about intellectual ones?

I am not the best person to talk about career since I’ve changed it already within a span of four years..

But I did believe in pushing one self as and when we can.

Until recently, I always cribbed about situational realities and how I was always on the fag-end of the opportunism.


But it was only a few days ago that I realised, opportunity to grow can come in small bits and pieces.

Might be something really inconsequential to someone else but a first time for me.

If I would have ignored it or simply pushed it aside and sulked away citing it’s not my forte, I would have been lost to it. Of course always assess your strengths and weaknesses before jumping the bandwagon.


I would never have known that the fear associated with it is imaginary and just in my head. I need to keep swimming even if it’s a pathetic attempt.

Because I learnt that It was just me who was holding me back. No one else. Your demons are greater and stronger than you give credit !

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