If you read my previous posts, you’ll notice a pattern where I write about human relationships and my experiences.

Human relations are like equations.

If one variable falls apart, the whole equation renders worthless.

It’s so funny ( Rhetorically ) that time changes so many things.

Suddenly the familiar environments start feeling uncomfortable.

The people once close now feel like strangers.

You don’t laugh at the same old jokes anymore.

The place remains the same, only the company changes. And this sucks.

Reminiscing about old times is the worst punishment you can give yourself. Because –
Constant state of denial that the old times would not come again.
Even if they did, there is always this fuck-up of equations.

I am someone who finds situations and people changing very hard to digest. And the factors are sometimes not in my control.

Holding on with hope that maybe tomorrow it will be the same, hurts so much.

That is why when people leave or situations change, a small part of me cringes at the thought that when we meet the next time, there will be that slight variation at the way we would interact.

Most of my posts are so emotionally charged, its hard to explain to people, I don’t really pre-write or pre-plan what to and how to write.

You don’t really understand how to go about it. Accept gracefully everything like an adult ? ( Which is bad enough ) or sulk like a child.

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Basically it’s not like you just turn in to an old wise adult overnight. Everybody sulks at something, everybody wishes things could remain the same.

Maintaining, recognizing, reevaluating human equations..always. All the time.

You just shut up and learn to listen to your brain instead of the heart.

Published by shrutimirasdar

I see the world with only half the eyes, the other half, I keep to myself.

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