Okay so for those of who haven’t seen or even heard of Supernatural, please do google or everything will go tangent.

Supernatural has been my favorite show to binge on, even before Netflix was created. One of the longest show spanning 14 seasons and still running, they have been charming the masses since my school days. I remember waiting desperately for the next day to see that one hour episode on star world.


I don’t understand why it’s still not available on Netflix. C’mon guys, for just one show I had to change my loyalty to Amazon Prime. 😂

Well, it’s not just because of the cast that I continued to watch it. Of course Sam and Dean are A-dorable, and Cass is cute and annoying, Crowley is funny, classy and engaging, Lucifer is hot, but its more than just their rugged looks that caught my attention. 

It’s just that the show deals with evils of all kind, heaven, hell, demons, angels, werewolves, vampires etc. Basically the show is about two very flawed human beings who in their journey to face the consequences of their past, make decisions and choices which have a perennial impact on their lives. It’s very real to the core ( not literally because ghosts and demons don’t exist duh ) but I kind of relate it more to the demons inside us that we try so hard to fight, avoid, bury – all kinds of stuff.


One more aspect that got me absolutely tempted was that how they both evaded death, changed their course of destiny ( Where fate actually got super pissed at them, remember that episode ? )
The show is rooted in Catholic theology about heaven, hell, purgatory, time rings, Cain and Abel, garden of Adam and Eve and who else and what not.
Its rooted in philosophy amidst all the hullabaloo of all sorts of monsters and parallel subtext of bromance and love triangles 😛


But that’s what its all about isn’t it ? Dean and Sam had no fault whatsoever in the yellow eyed demon killing their mother off. What happened next, Jack raising them up to be hunters, isn’t a life they would have chosen for themselves. Sam was pre-law Stanford for God’s sake 😀 
They cursed, kicked, killed, rebelled, tried to run away, but eventually they knew this was their destiny, no matter how much they tried to run away from it. Something or the other would always come up which coerced them to face whatever shit was in front of them and deal with it. 

Each and every important character has some superfluous lines but every one of them, from Cass to Jody and Bobby even Crowley ( I adore him and lucifer ) has some deep shit lines which makes you think think think.

Me, now whenever my feelings are hurt or I go into self-pitying mode
Bobby’s words of wisdom come haunt me. 


Ain’t I an Idjit 😀

The only time I remotely favored Metatron – 

54d5b851aec3ad20b3a1e0c89396d045 (1).jpg

Sam. Poor handsome selfless Sam.


Don’t you just love Cass ?


The king of Hell and Words.


Don’t we all ?
Gabriel – 

giphy (1).gif

Words of wisdom haha

download (1).jpg

If you haven’t watched it, go watch it already. I’ll even pay for your amazon membership 😛


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