Guhagar Beach.. Revisit the past !

A sudden decision, happy coincidence and willful company. Revisiting a childhood destination is quite the thing. Along with a plethora of memories, the feelings of shock and amusement are felt quite prominently.

Konkan never ceases to amaze, allure or fascinate. Be it any part you visit, there is a certain old world charm to the old worn brick and mud edifices. The bylanes often possess an unearthly air, like someone’s going to apparate in the middle of the road.

People live in simplicity, often unattached to materialism, but more so opposite when it comes to their trees, farm land and animals in general.

The place where I stayed was a huge bunglow, one of my cousin sister had purchased it along with a fairly large piece of land. Barring a few cashew and supari trees, the land was empty. Lemongrass, cinnamon tree, papaya were planted in between.

Removed from the hustle and bustle of the city, four days were spent in complete relaxation. Rustic life has its own flavour, and with minimal range, I was in my happy place. Devoid of any connectivity, constant whatsapp pings and unnecessary insta checkings. Life seemed a lot more at ease, untangled and calm.

We cooked up chicken in the typical rustic village traditional style, plotting the kadhai over a whimsical chulha. The smell, view and overtone added to the lazy cold evening. The fire was welcoming, as we were freezing our butts off. Its was fun and humbling to collect wood and put it in between the bricks in a timely fashion to keep the flame going.

In went onion,masalas and the chicken. Anyone who’s ever had chulha chicken would resonate with the heavenly smell it forks out. The chicken was cooked to soft succulent perfection, with rice bhakris to savour. We also prepared a simple onion and spice infused kind-of burnt rice that was out of this world. I may be exaggerating, but it really did taste good. All the food was prepared in the water of the well, an added bonus.

The food connoisseurs would have a field day in such appealing settings. To get your hands on such cooking after living and hogging on urban cooked food is a treat to the taste buds.

After the much awaited food feast, we spent an hour in the chilly wind outside. The time was spent wrapped snugly around in our comforters, a few dogs to give us company for they had smelled the chicken and were foraging around for bits and bones. We managed to locate mars, as it shone bright and clearly in the darkness. Thousands of starts hung like lanterns in the sky, as far as the eye could see.

The beach has to be mentioned, ofcourse. Well, it was okay as compared to goa and other places. Eventually commercialization has crept in, making it a crowded place. But still we could enjoy ourselves comfortably, without lewd stares or fear of getting robbed. Thankfully, the water and the beach premise was clean, still free from pollutants. The sunset was mesmerizing, along with a strong wind, made up for quite a sight. We sat on the beach awhile, the waves crashing at our feet. Thinking about how beautiful that moment was, it was just us and nature, nothing in between. The birds adorned the evening sky shortly with a picturesque formation, a soothing sight to the eyes.

We felt completely rested and healed. What they say isn’t quite wrong, the sea water heals everything, body and soul and spirit in totality. To witness the supreme force of nature, this vast expanse, to stare at the setting sun as he dips down bidding adieu, the birds flying away over the horizon, the crashing waves pulling and pushing in intervals, reminding us of something that is greater than ourselves, is a experience, a moment, a lifetime.

2 thoughts on “Guhagar Beach.. Revisit the past !

  1. Truly amazing, the way things have been described with the pics to support it makes u feel as if you are experiencing it first hand! Keep it up


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