Okay. Deep breath. I never thought I would write about this. I can’t really be in denial mode man. Its happening, really. And pata bhi nahi chala kab! So my very first year of being a Teacher is coming to an end in like, two days.

Mixed feelings, because you realize with all the madness, all the hardwork, all the screaming and shouting, you grew each day with them. I screamed, shouted, sulked at them, but most importantly, believed in them. And its a proud feeling to see your kids grow from tiny tots, to really smart, bright, capable individuals. Even the naughtiest kid who all complained against, has scored good and is really capable of achieving his potential.

Well here are some ‘life lessons’ I’ve learnt…

  1. Children are devils in disguise. They outsmart you. They are capable of making you feel so shamed. Chukila maafi nahi! 😏

2. Gossip travels faster than whatsapp conversations. Its like dropping oil in πŸ”₯. Always be careful of what you share ! Better keep your mouth closed. Anyways we get tired from yelling all day.

3. Some parents are blessings-in-disguise. They are smooth to deal with and are very co-operative. While some parents aren’t bothered in the slightest about their kids. Like the height of ignorance is actually sending empty tiffins on a full day school due to negligence and lack of time. Hmph. Bacche sambhalne nahi aate toh paida kyu karte ho? πŸ™„

4. You can get frustrated with the most obedient well mannered class and keep your cool even in the rowdiest one. It all depends on how your mood is for the day. Always be thanda thanda cool cool! πŸ˜„

5. Its hard to see your kids leave. Yea, my kids. No matter how much you decide to be objective, kids are kids and every teacher is possessive about her class.

6. There is so much scope for upgrading yourself. This field is like an ocean. Keep swimming, you’ll find newer shores. No dearth of knowledge or opportunities.

7. Its so important to behave right. Attitude matters a lot. I’ve seen teachers behaving even worse than the kids they proclaim to not like. Bachon ke saath ho din bhar, iska ye matlab nahi aap bhi unke jaisa behave karo !πŸ˜‚

8. This profession teaches resilience. And patience. Slowly beginning to understand the real meaning of these words.

9. Teachers. Can be some of the b*@$#!*+t , others can be the most helpful person you come across. All depends on how lucky you are!

10. Always give your 100%. Be true and committed to your goal. Don’t think its a cakewalk. But don’t loose heart because somedays were bad. The returns always come in form of improvement in children.

And oh. I probably was learning to wipe my nose and do potty properly in the first grade, while kids of today can give you a run for your money. Don’t mess with them! πŸ˜‰

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I see the world with only half the eyes, the other half, I keep to myself.

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