All of us have a skeleton in the closet. Most of us aren’t willing to admit it out front, and it surely is different from person to person. I’ve encountered many people who have something deep stashed away in their heart, some deep seated hurt, anger, disappointment, vengeance or denial. It reflects through the speech, that is one, but if you look around and observe their surroundings space, you get confirmation of the same.

And for that, I took a hard look first at myself. I observed a peculiar routine. Whenever I had any issues that I couldn’t sort out or some residual stress, hurt, anger or a feeling of helplessness, my closet and desk always used to end up being messy, disorganised and a complete chaos. Then I used to feel demotivated, demoralised and a sense of my energy getting blocked.

It was a humongous task on off days, to wake up and take the effort to clean and organise everything. Now after many years of conscious practice, I can now do it with minimum amount of stress. Because the act of putting my closet together signified in hindsight about my readiness to deal healthily with whatever problem I was internally going through. And this analogy helped me to make observations around me, to pick up vibes from people around me. Also I recall having tons of black and white clothes ONLY, so much so that at one point my friends were fed up of it. It did signify an attitude of this or that. And I did go through a phase of extremities.

A unorganised,chaotic wardrobe is suggestive of some mess in life that we are unable to deal with.

Someone had a closed room in their house, where all the unused stuff was locked in. Perhaps it signified a situation which they are putting closeted away in their mind, not wanting to deal with it?

Someone has a very spick and span, clean neat organised house. But I always felt some kind of detachment there. Like there was no core attachment or some ingredient was missing in the whole decor.

Storage of old things, stashed away in the cupboard, could signify unwillingness to let go of the past, clinging on to it and refusing to change. I’ve known someone like that too.

A house had rooms built like a maze. No proper order to it, and the last room was kindof standoffish. Felt like someone was hiding some secret.

A house which was laced with luxurious artifacts, top notch interior but it lacked in warmth. I could not get an iota of sleep on their bed, even though it might’ve been a very expensive mattress.

Someone had reutilised the door of their old house into a dining table top. What would this signify? But their home never felt comfortable. Lots of old concealed memories and hidden secrets.

Someone I knew, were living in a spacious but old house. There were a few personal problems at home, but the person’s closet was and is till date the most organised (and a huge one at it) I’ve seen. The rest of the house was worn out and carried a dry feeling to it. Paint chipped of walls, storage spaces not dusted, in general things piled up. But that person dealt with it their own way, which was into manipulating her closet to order, the one thing they could control.

A tiny one room house had everything in its place, all things in order due to space constraints, but there was always a considerable amount of dust and cobwebs under the wooden cupboards. No matter how much you cleaned, the creaks and the space below always had dust. It was like shoving something unpleasant under the rug, or here, under the closet. Out of sight, but never out of mind.

As opposed to it, minimalism and organisation feels sorted. I know people who’s closet is always organised and minimalistic, and so is their life. Come what may, they sleep soundly at night.

People’s habits also reflect their psyche. I am a big hoarder of books and jewellery. I just cannot resist buying a good book which can loosely translate my thirst for knowledge, and jewellery hoarding could imitate my childhood memory of going to Tulshibaug with my Grandfather, who I was really really close to, he used to buy me rings on my continuous pestering, ever since grade one. Maybe to deal with his death is a feeling which is still yet to sink in, and yes I do find it difficult at times.

As time passes by, as we grow old, adapt and change, our surroundings do really reflect our state of mind. You just have to take a closer look.

So what’s your skeleton in the closet and how do you deal with it?

Published by shrutimirasdar

I see the world with only half the eyes, the other half, I keep to myself.

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