Perpetual state of Conflux and …

I am sure, all my friends would agree. I am a perpetual mess of confusion. Earlier I used to think this is a phase, but I’m afraid this stands true even today. Even at the age of 28, recently entered late 30’s as one might call it, I am still an internal mess. I left […]

~ Moments that changed my Life ~

Not gonna lie. Plenty of situations happen to us, but there are only a few moments which you remember and carry throughout life. Being here, in a new profession, with new people surrounding me, it became a challenge. Within this humongous challenge, were small pockets of sadness, happiness, laughter and bonding. Small insignificant things, like […]

What’s your pattern?

Identify your pattern. There is always a certain pattern which is a recurring theme in your life. With constant interactions with young adults now-a-days and reflecting on my past, its all too eerie.All the time, life is throwing us challenges, and unless you learn the lesson which the situation is trying to teach you, its […]

Hope is what keeps me going !

Honestly, 2 weeks ago, I was shattered. Broken, in despair and feeling rundown. Nothing was going well. Not my lessons, the days were lethargic. I kept on getting a feeling of hopelessness and frustration. What made me do this ? Why did I take this challenge ? Went against the norms, went against the opinions […]

A person called Ajoba..

The smell of Eau De Cologne Premium and Old Spice aftershave cream The colourful and smart ties you had hanging at the back of your closet and I always used to wonder why you don’t wear anymore Your ritual of always shaving post bath, and dipping the Ágarbatti in water before lighting it up every […]

The Unusually Usual Days

Days turn to months Months turn to years Yet, something changed in these unusually usual days. Its been 6 months already into 2019 and I am still stuck at processing when 2019 started. The usual “routine wala life ” on which there are hundred different quotes and articles, finally caught up to me. Yes I […]

Fort Torna, in all its majesty !

Sooo please believe me when I say that I’ve never visited Torna fort/killa/Gad before. Well, reactions run from, vedies ka tu ? ( Are you mad ? ) to kahikay ! ( Are you kidding me ? ) and Awra!!!! (Sorry ! This, I can’t explain, you’ll have to be a punekar I’m afraid πŸ˜› […]

Sympathy, Empathy, Self-Pity …Learning Unlearning !

How I love writing blog posts relating to real life situations !Well, I am so glad I get to experience a spectrum full of it, because it gives me plenty of material and garbage to process through in this tiny brain of mine and come up with rational or not-so-rational explanations of why do’s regarding […]

To New Beginnings…

You might feel, that new beginnings are easy for someone impulsive and passionate ( More like, wavering and unstable ) person like me. Certainly not. In fact its the hardest thing for a passionate emotional impulsive to do. There are a 100 different things out there that I really feel, the emotion welling up inside […]