A person called Ajoba..

The smell of Eau De Cologne Premium and Old Spice aftershave cream The colourful and smart ties you had hanging at the back of your closet and I always used to wonder why you don’t wear anymore Your ritual of always shaving post bath, and dipping the Ágarbatti in water before lighting it up every […]

The Unusually Usual Days

Days turn to months Months turn to years Yet, something changed in these unusually usual days. Its been 6 months already into 2019 and I am still stuck at processing when 2019 started. The usual “routine wala life ” on which there are hundred different quotes and articles, finally caught up to me. Yes I […]

Sympathy, Empathy, Self-Pity …Learning Unlearning !

How I love writing blog posts relating to real life situations !Well, I am so glad I get to experience a spectrum full of it, because it gives me plenty of material and garbage to process through in this tiny brain of mine and come up with rational or not-so-rational explanations of why do’s regarding […]

Skeleton in the closet

All of us have a skeleton in the closet. Most of us aren’t willing to admit it out front, and it surely is different from person to person. I’ve encountered many people who have something deep stashed away in their heart, some deep seated hurt, anger, disappointment, vengeance or denial. It reflects through the speech, […]

Gothic Imprints…

Well this was an unplanned post. I normally refrain from sharing some unconventional thoughts, but a work-assignment got me thinking back. For a book review report, I instantaneously and unconsciously chose Jane Eyre to review. Why that book ? I asked myself. Because seemingly I’ve read tons and tons of books and none appealed to […]

How accidental binging on Supernatural turned out to be a philosophical class !

Okay so for those of who haven’t seen or even heard of Supernatural, please do google or everything will go tangent. Supernatural has been my favorite show to binge on, even before Netflix was created. One of the longest show spanning 14 seasons and still running, they have been charming the masses since my school […]


If you read my previous posts, you’ll notice a pattern where I write about human relationships and my experiences. Human relations are like equations. If one variable falls apart, the whole equation renders worthless. It’s so funny ( Rhetorically ) that time changes so many things. Suddenly the familiar environments start feeling uncomfortable. The people […]

Comfort Zone

What is comfort zone really? A soft fluffy rugged pillow. The same side of bed you get up from. The mangy old sweater you put up during every winter. These are materialistically curated comfort zones. What about intellectual ones? I am not the best person to talk about career since I’ve changed it already within […]

First day at School…

So..I got back to being a first grader. Big day for me, as I was more nervous than the children.. After a big leap of faith, leaving a company that I loved dearly, I took a plunge into cold waters and now I am learning to swim. Gosh being a Teacher is NOT easy. Only […]