How accidental binging on Supernatural turned out to be a philosophical class !

Okay so for those of who haven’t seen or even heard of Supernatural, please do google or everything will go tangent. Supernatural has been my favorite show to binge on, even before Netflix was created. One of the longest show spanning 14 seasons and still running, they have been charming the masses since my school […]

Intuition – Don’t Ignore it

We often make this mistake. Of not trusting our intuition. It’s the feeling where you sense something gnawing inside you, inside your head. Most of the times, you sense it, but due to the fear of what other people will say, you tend to ignore it.Of what your family will say, you shove it under […]

In the wake of Paris attacks,are we feeling enough gratitude ?

Today as I was commuting to the office, the work-day started with a sickening news. A truck driver had crashed in the crowd in Nice, France while they celebrated St. Bastille’s day, killing 80 and injuring hundreds. As I trudged through the articles and discussion ensured in the office, a sickening feeling crept slowly in […]