Perpetual state of Conflux and …

I am sure, all my friends would agree. I am a perpetual mess of confusion. Earlier I used to think this is a phase, but I’m afraid this stands true even today. Even at the age of 28, recently entered late 30’s as one might call it, I am still an internal mess. I left […]

Hope is what keeps me going !

Honestly, 2 weeks ago, I was shattered. Broken, in despair and feeling rundown. Nothing was going well. Not my lessons, the days were lethargic. I kept on getting a feeling of hopelessness and frustration. What made me do this ? Why did I take this challenge ? Went against the norms, went against the opinions […]

A person called Ajoba..

The smell of Eau De Cologne Premium and Old Spice aftershave cream The colourful and smart ties you had hanging at the back of your closet and I always used to wonder why you don’t wear anymore Your ritual of always shaving post bath, and dipping the Ágarbatti in water before lighting it up every […]

The Unusually Usual Days

Days turn to months Months turn to years Yet, something changed in these unusually usual days. Its been 6 months already into 2019 and I am still stuck at processing when 2019 started. The usual “routine wala life ” on which there are hundred different quotes and articles, finally caught up to me. Yes I […]

Fort Torna, in all its majesty !

Sooo please believe me when I say that I’ve never visited Torna fort/killa/Gad before. Well, reactions run from, vedies ka tu ? ( Are you mad ? ) to kahikay ! ( Are you kidding me ? ) and Awra!!!! (Sorry ! This, I can’t explain, you’ll have to be a punekar I’m afraid πŸ˜› […]

Sympathy, Empathy, Self-Pity …Learning Unlearning !

How I love writing blog posts relating to real life situations !Well, I am so glad I get to experience a spectrum full of it, because it gives me plenty of material and garbage to process through in this tiny brain of mine and come up with rational or not-so-rational explanations of why do’s regarding […]

To New Beginnings…

You might feel, that new beginnings are easy for someone impulsive and passionate ( More like, wavering and unstable ) person like me. Certainly not. In fact its the hardest thing for a passionate emotional impulsive to do. There are a 100 different things out there that I really feel, the emotion welling up inside […]

Impromptu visit to Pataleshwar Cave ! #LordofUnderworld

A sudden impulsive decision…straddled on my cycle and zoomed off into the evening on a day which was turning out to be drab and lazy. Weekend’s are usually reserved for exploring new eating places ( I am a big foodie, if you know me ) and hanging out with friends interspersed with finishing off chores […]

Pleasing people vs Me

All my life, I’ve been subjected into believing that I have to please people wherever I go. This self-made fact got more aggravated when I discovered I am a very passive aggressive kind-of girl. Because it becomes a 100% more difficult to confront someone when I find their behavior unacceptable or they are demanding something […]