The Unusually Usual Days

Days turn to months Months turn to years Yet, something changed in these unusually usual days. Its been 6 months already into 2019 and I am still stuck at processing when 2019 started. The usual “routine wala life ” on which there are hundred different quotes and articles, finally caught up to me. Yes I […]

To New Beginnings…

You might feel, that new beginnings are easy for someone impulsive and passionate ( More like, wavering and unstable ) person like me. Certainly not. In fact its the hardest thing for a passionate emotional impulsive to do. There are a 100 different things out there that I really feel, the emotion welling up inside […]

Pleasing people vs Me

All my life, I’ve been subjected into believing that I have to please people wherever I go. This self-made fact got more aggravated when I discovered I am a very passive aggressive kind-of girl. Because it becomes a 100% more difficult to confront someone when I find their behavior unacceptable or they are demanding something […]

Moving on !!!

Mmmmm. A long breath. I try to settle in my chair and concentrate on the tasks for the day. I am not particularity fidgety today, nor am I still. My breath is irregular and calm at the same time. I hear the familiar sounds of people around me, work colleagues, the phone ringing or the […]

Resolutions for life …

Hmm…well after yesterday’s proclamation of moving on and changing and blah la la, I thought I should actually make efforts and not to procrastinate anymore. Or well at least try too. There are a few things on my agenda, honestly I do not yet know how many of it I would be able to fulfill. But […]

Stay Hungry Stay Foolish

Today, I feel very restless. And the reason is my own, I was casually scrolling through the random pictures I clicked during the recce to Himachal last november. A stringe of images and I start having pangs of despair. I was literally lusting after them and then I realised something is awry. My mind of […]