School days..!

During a period of lesson observations,we found ourselves sitting in a class of 7th std.. I was sorely reminded of my school days today and I just went back in time. With those uncomfortable steel/wooden benches, It made sitting there very nostalgic, but all the same annoying. I never liked the steel benches, the back […]

Of Grandparents..a loving tribute !

” Aaji, apla photo kadhaychay mala. “”Thamb, me pan tujhasarkhi topi ghalte “, said my Aaji, an 85 year old outside, while still with the heart of a child inside. Aaji. Ajoba. The most wonderful thing to happen to anyone, are grandparents. Or rather, it is the other way round. You happen to them, forever […]

Stay Hungry Stay Foolish

Today, I feel very restless. And the reason is my own, I was casually scrolling through the random pictures I clicked during the recce to Himachal last november. A stringe of images and I start having pangs of despair. I was literally lusting after them and then I realised something is awry. My mind of […]

The Ambiguous Swing

There was not a thing to be said about Swings.There are numerous reasons why it will always be her favorite childhood memory. She remembers the feeling of soaring high up in the sky, of watching everything else around in sight shrink in and expand like a pendulum moves. Particularly, the sense of reaching newer heights […]