Be your own Hero

Lipstick? Check. Liner? Check. I always find myself hiding a part of me under the makeup, away from everyone. And you should do that. I’ve been someone who had her heart on her sleeve, face always reflecting the inside emotions. Never could master the poker face. My close friends know how crazy and unpredictable I […]

I am never sabotaging myself,my dreams or my career.

Just last month we had a function at our house. A big one. Relatives came from all over, shopping bags were strewn all across the rooms, and it was a blur of activities. There was utter chaos pervading at all times, it was confusing and disorienting to keep track of what was going on. Phone’s […]

The Palace of Illusions – Draupadi’s tale

So this is the first time I thought to write about a book I absolutely would recommend every Jane Eyre or Louisa Alcott fan. The Palace of Illusions, by the extremely talented Chitra Banerjee Divakaruni. Written in simple yet alluring language, she has described the life of Draupadi and the turn of events that lead […]

Of Grandparents..a loving tribute !

” Aaji, apla photo kadhaychay mala. “”Thamb, me pan tujhasarkhi topi ghalte “, said my Aaji, an 85 year old outside, while still with the heart of a child inside. Aaji. Ajoba. The most wonderful thing to happen to anyone, are grandparents. Or rather, it is the other way round. You happen to them, forever […]