Indian Coffee House…Coffee Mania..

~ Coffee ~ “I’d  rather  take  coffee  than  compliments  just  now.” ― Louisa May Alcott, Little Women Let’s cut the crap and start by me professing my new-found love. I confess I was not much of a coffee lover, even though living in Pune with its famous coffee concoctions. Not even Vaishali’s strong one could […]

The Palace of Illusions – Draupadi’s tale

So this is the first time I thought to write about a book I absolutely would recommend every Jane Eyre or Louisa Alcott fan. The Palace of Illusions, by the extremely talented Chitra Banerjee Divakaruni. Written in simple yet alluring language, she has described the life of Draupadi and the turn of events that lead […]

Books..cafes…Some more cafes please !

Books, cafes and the charm… To put it bluntly,  I was quite disappointed at the apparent lack of book cafes and the whole reading culture in a growing hub like pune. Known for its reader class,  and quite a large number of libraries, blossoming of book cafes should have been quite natural,  or so I […]

– The Power of Choice –

Blue or green ? Full or sleeveless ? Today is Friday. Usually it is uniform day in the office but as a regular offender of forgetting things at odd places, I am successful in loosing the shirt… to be added to the pile of forever lost things. I close my eyes and stretch out to […]