The Palace of Illusions – Draupadi’s tale

So this is the first time I thought to write about a book I absolutely would recommend every Jane Eyre or Louisa Alcott fan. The Palace of Illusions, by the extremely talented Chitra Banerjee Divakaruni. Written in simple yet alluring language, she has described the life of Draupadi and the turn of events that lead […]

Thats the way the cookie crumbles!

Cooookiee dough!  Who I mean who doesn’t like that?  The yummy tantalizing waft of heavenly mix – eggs, flour and vanilla with I don’t know how it works out itself and produces a super delicious batter.  This week I tried to bake chocolate chip cookies and man to tell the truth, I was more tempted […]

In the wake of Paris attacks,are we feeling enough gratitude ?

Today as I was commuting to the office, the work-day started with a sickening news. A truck driver had crashed in the crowd in Nice, France while they celebrated St. Bastille’s day, killing 80 and injuring hundreds. As I trudged through the articles and discussion ensured in the office, a sickening feeling crept slowly in […]

Of Grandparents..a loving tribute !

” Aaji, apla photo kadhaychay mala. “”Thamb, me pan tujhasarkhi topi ghalte “, said my Aaji, an 85 year old outside, while still with the heart of a child inside. Aaji. Ajoba. The most wonderful thing to happen to anyone, are grandparents. Or rather, it is the other way round. You happen to them, forever […]