Impromptu visit to Pataleshwar Cave ! #LordofUnderworld

A sudden impulsive decision…straddled on my cycle and zoomed off into the evening on a day which was turning out to be drab and lazy. Weekend’s are usually reserved for exploring new eating places ( I am a big foodie, if you know me ) and hanging out with friends interspersed with finishing off chores […]

Fitness Motivation bouts – It sucks!

Good morning. Are we up yet?  Oh what time is it, wait it’s 7 already?  5 more minutes.Grrrrr. More sleep. Isn’t this a constant battle we face everyday?  Atleast I do. Every night I sleep with determination, tomorrow I’ll wake up at 7 and go for a run.  Or I’ll do yoga.  Or I’ll do […]

Books..cafes…Some more cafes please !

Books, cafes and the charm… To put it bluntly,  I was quite disappointed at the apparent lack of book cafes and the whole reading culture in a growing hub like pune. Known for its reader class,  and quite a large number of libraries, blossoming of book cafes should have been quite natural,  or so I […]