Fitness Motivation bouts – It sucks!

Good morning. Are we up yet?  Oh what time is it, wait it’s 7 already?  5 more minutes.Grrrrr. More sleep. Isn’t this a constant battle we face everyday?  Atleast I do. Every night I sleep with determination, tomorrow I’ll wake up at 7 and go for a run.  Or I’ll do yoga.  Or I’ll do […]

Thats the way the cookie crumbles!

Cooookiee dough!  Who I mean who doesn’t like that?  The yummy tantalizing waft of heavenly mix – eggs, flour and vanilla with I don’t know how it works out itself and produces a super delicious batter.  This week I tried to bake chocolate chip cookies and man to tell the truth, I was more tempted […]

Resolutions for life …

Hmm…well after yesterday’s proclamation of moving on and changing and blah la la, I thought I should actually make efforts and not to procrastinate anymore. Or well at least try too. There are a few things on my agenda, honestly I do not yet know how many of it I would be able to fulfill. But […]